Cara Edden was born and raised in the midlands. A recent graduate of BA(hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear course at the London College of Fashion, she loves to mix a colourful tongue in cheek style through her designs, juxtaposing this with storytelling through her pieces, often looking to mythological inspirations to bring into her own world. This then combines with a strong influence to highlight her woman's strong and determined nature, giving strong structured elements to combine with the more voluminous, playful side of her concepts.

Recently Cara Edden won a collaboration project between the London College of Fashion and The PowerPuff Girls with Cartoon Network which was displayed as part of London Fashion Week, February 2019, at Somerset House, celebrating all things girl power and The PowerPuff Girls 50th anniversary on our screens.

Her graduate collection is inspired by her love of myths. The Sirens played a key influence after a visit to their once home of Li Galli island in Italy, she took inspiration from their strong empowered nature and their half bird, half woman appearance. The Kingfisher became a specific bird influence in her work, as she reinvented the sirens into her own world. with particular focus on the sharp, swift movements they make, creating a “blur of movement”. She then combined these with the strong structural influences of armour, particularly focusing on the steel tempering colour chart to inspire her colour scheme. The fluting played a key role in combining the Sirens with the armour, Cara took the draped, blured lines of the Kingfisher and created them into fixed, strong structural lines of individually sewn fluted stripes of coloured fabric.