To make the system as simple and convenient as possible for customers and restaurants, REP-EAT will be responsible for the cleaning and return of the packaging. For the returning process, the project will propose partnerships with the main food delivery companies in London such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats. As takeaway services operate in specific city zones, the new service will establish different cleaning spots throughout the city. When a customer is ready to return containers, a courier will collect and deliver them to the closest cleaning spot.

REP-EAT has collaborated with three restaurants to create their customized takeaway products. The images below show the current the first prototypes of Tootoomoo’s redesigned packaging. Tootoomoo is one of the best Asian restaurants in the Islington area. Its low lighten environment and dark tableware make all the difference. REP-EAT's proposal for Tootoomoo aims to allude to both the design of the restaurant's tableware and its circular corporative shape. When designing its takeaway food packaging, each part of the container needed to have a second function once opened. With this case study, REP-EAT also aims to enhance the dining experience when ordering takeaway food by paying attention to small details. In Asian tableware sets is quite common to find a chopstick holder as an essential part of it. REP-EAT gets inspiration in this product to find the second functionality to Tootoomoo's soja bowl lid.

Hill&Szrok is a butchery and a restaurant placed in the heart of Hackney. Everything this establishment does celebrates the very best of artisanal British product that has been produced consciously and sustainably. During the first lockdown, they decided to keep opened not only the butchery but also the restaurant. The takeaway system allowed them to do so. Currently, they have decided to use whole local as a butchery and do only deliveries when selling their menu. The proposed takeaway collection for Hill&Szrok has two elements; a box that, thanks to its side holes, can cover all the dishes on the menu and a wine vase, required by the establishment. For the restaurant, it is important to have the possibility to sell wine in a nice glass during the Saturday market that happens in Broadway market. They are sure that by using this product the profits generated by their takeaway business model would increase. In addition, REP-EAT has decided to match the colour of the products to the paper the restaurant uses to wrap the raw food and its dishes.

These two photos represent how the takeaway packaging of Big Mamma looks once it arrives at client’s homes and once it is opened. Big Mamma is a group of restaurants that aims to create a complete Italian culinary experience the moment the customer enters. For them, it is important to differentiate themselves in the market. In these restaurants, every detail of these restaurants is thought out to the millimeter, from the waiters' attire to the tableware design. REP-EAT intends to transfer this premise with this design consultancy. The proposal consists of two types of containers: the "pasta bowl" and the "pizza box". The lids of the containers can be placed underneath creating a bottom plate that helps to move clients’ culinary experience away from the current takeaway one. In addition, Big Mamma takeaway containers bring the iconic patterns of traditional Italian tableware.