Carmen Luijt’s graduate collection “Smeltkroes(Melting-Pot)” is inspired by different subcultures she came across in Rotterdam. She chose three subcultures that fascinated her; voetbalsupporters, immigrants and gabbers. She wondered why these subcultures would express themselves in these ways. And what would happen if you combined these subcultures in one outfit.

Her design process started from the clothes that voetbalsupporters, immigrants and gabbers wear. The dress code of these subcultures has been merged together in the designs , in order to visualise the difference and connections as a new harmony. This provides the insight that a person can belong to different groups at the same time. What happens to the stereotypical image we have of each other? What we can learn from each other.

She deconstructed and reconstructed the garment that she bought in secondhand stores and merged them together as one new piece. On top of that she hacked the artworks of some garments and made her own artworks to put in to the new pieces. All the new garments are made from secondhand clothes, in this way the whole collection is zero waste. A new sustainable way of designing.
This is the line up of the collection. She made 6 outfits. Outfit 1 is a combination of a shell suit and henna dress both clothes that would be worn at a party. Outfit 2 is a combination of a djellaba and bomber jacket. Outfit 3 is a combination of voetbalsupoporters and ethical influences. Outfit 4 is a combination of voetbalsupoporters t-shirt and a djellaba. Outfit 5 is a combination of voetbalsupoporters and ethical influences. Outfit 6 is a combination of sport and ethical influence. This all together creates a melting pot of different subcultures as a new harmony.