Always fantasizing about possible future connections and disconnections between humanity and the ocean, Carolin Dieler is translating her vision of environmental futures into jewelry objects.

After graduating as a qualified tailor in 2016, Carolin started persuing her long time goal of becoming a fashion designer at the Maastricht Institute of Arts. Over the course of her Body Design BA studies she fell in love with the design of jewelry and accessories and finally graduated this summer of 2020 with her jewelry collection “Sublime Devastation”.

Her collection is a mix of ready made copies merged with hand modeled elements. The modeling work is done by herself in her studio in Cologne while the models are beeing casted by a company in southern Germany.

Using not only sterling silver but also Amlminum in her jewelry casts, gives her the possibility to work in bigger and more outspoken shapes and sizes. For her the visibility of her jewelry is of utter importance as these are meant to spark questions and engange people to communicate.