Resort Gran Prestige ss20 is set in Fuerteventura’s abandoned hotels and its characters are inspired by William S. Burroughs‘ Wild Boys. The research revisits bellboy tailoring, 80’s Resort advertising nostalgia and teenage surf gear to explore a new concept of proportion and materiality in uniforms. The collection aims to celebrate misfits and feelings of camaraderie, resistance and intimacy within masculinity.

The design development of the pieces is led by the crossover of characters, therefore each garment shares elements of tailoring and technical wetsuits and sits halfway between formal and sportswear. Each silhouette has its own proportion and it references the different personalities and body shapes (mis)fitting imposed uniforms. Carolina’s textile process was mostly led by an extensive research within technical ad sartorial fabrics from italian mills’ deadstock. The surface experimentations referenced resistance and technicality through the application of foiling, screen printing and silicone seaming.

Through the distortion of common dressing codes and practices, this collection unveils new grey areas within men’s portrayal in fashion. Diversity and hybridisation are key concepts for this creative process and its outcome is an unexpected variety of takes on uniform inspired by traditional menswear and youth culture.