Founded in December 2018 by two sisters, Caylandrea and Kyra, CAYRA is a premium fashion label aimed at creating contemporary and statement pieces that encourage a strong self-identity.

Kyra has studied Fashion Design in Ravensbourne, London, followed by her internships in J. JS Lee and Georgia Hardinge. She has always been inspired by her surroundings and personal experiences, be it her childhood memories or the plants grown by her mother back home in Malaysia. By combining her eye for detail and interest in creating organic, fluid lines, CAYRA’s pieces are feminine, elegant and sophisticated. Her design philosophy embraces and enhances the natural curves of women to flatter the body, essentially through accentuating the waist and elongating the silhouette.

Caylandrea has graduated from BA Fashion Business in Istituto Marangoni London in the year of 2017. She also attended the Condé Nast College Fashion Styling course by Vogue in London. Having worked backstage at the prestigious London Fashion Week and a PR and marketing company, she has accumulated extensive knowledge in both design theory and professional practice which allows her to manage the business alongside with Kyra. Blending their Asian roots with western style codes, the duo aspires to create their own dream wardrobe.

CAYRA’s collections mainly comprised soft, satin pieces that were considered commercial and widely acceptable. As the label grows, they became increasingly playful and bold in their design approach after establishing a customer base. There is a side of them that loves opulence and exuberance. CAYRA’s muse sticks to a very specific characteristic — women who are daring to express themselves shows appreciation for unconventional styles and be different.