The AW18 debut collection HUMAN MECHANOIDS has been inspired by Swiss surrealist painter HR Giger and his idea of the biome- chanoid and explores the physical relationship between digital technology and the human body. The partially controversially perceived imagery created by the artists’ depiction of reality at the time suggests that we are inevitably transformed into a kind of human machinery. Placing his idea into modern context leads to the idea of viewing social media as an extension of ourselves due to constant engagement.

This collection is a statement for humanity. A statement to make us realise in what world we live in. And a statement to make us realise that technology is not only surrounding us but essentially becoming part of us, almost taking over our minds, our actions, our bodies. A visual statement about digital technology exploiting our genuine search for self-exploration. Inspired by Giger’s series Erotomechanics,

The mission of HERVÉ is to design lingerie worn to be seen for all women. Through our interdisciplinary approach we aim to also design for women who suffer from unevenly sized breasts to re-establish their confidence and empower their uniqueness. What differentiates the brand from a specialist mastectomy label is that HERVÉ does not classify women but makes all women feel included and united.

The brand highly values an ethical material choice and production cycle. High-quality organic and sustainably produces textiles from certified local suppliers build the foundation of each collection. Locally handcrafted garments enable manufacturing close to the end consumer, taking in consideration luxurious packaging using recycled raw materials and re-designing luxury as ethical awareness.

Crucial for the idea of HUMAN MECHANOIDS was the museum visit of HR GIGER in Gruyères, Switzerland in August 2017. My fascination for his artwork fundamentally grew when seeing some of his most iconic and original artworks in real scale. The quiet controversial nature of his art’s themes and the beautifully peaceful landscape of the region he grew up in made me question his influences and own inspiration further. The piece above named Erotomechanics 1979 was my major inspiration for the collection, vision and execution.

Through experimenting with unconventional textiles and materials, I developed an intricate laser cut pattern resembling a human spine. Through its intricacy achieved by the choice of material, I was able to incorporate and blend the appliqué motifs into intimate apparel. Using sheer tulle bases, the shapes flawlessly blend into the skin, creating the illusion of a skeleton draped around the female form.

The laser cut pattern has been inspired by HR Giger’s NYC series created in 1979. Experimentation of different repetitive textures, line combinations and organic distortion resulted in the final intricate shapes as seen above. To create unique surface textures, corded metallic golden laces and a fine layer of metallic rose gold have been bonded to the appliqué draped organically over the skin.

Each garment is handmade and features a highly technical approach. The garment construction not only includes a beautifully finished base garment using couture finishings but requires intricate hand appliqué, beading and invisibly attaching lasercuts, jump rings and lacing. Due to its complexity, all garments are made in house to ensure best quality and local manufacturing close to the end consumer.

The lookbook shoot and campaign strongly follow the theme of a mystic, raw yet powerfully beautiful nature. The location has been carefully selected to mirror the depth of HR GIGERS themes within and emphasise the deconstructive nature and technological impact of each unique piece. The raw industrial touch is paired with flaking and running touches of gold and skeleton like lasercuts.