Turkey-born, Manchester based designer Ceylin Cakar, recently completed her studies at Manchester School of Art in Textiles. She is currently working as a multidisciplinary designer on a freelance-basis.

Throughout her studies, has always been concerned about the textile waste caused by the fashion industry. During her MA course, she had the opportunity of exploring many sustainable design strategies. As she is interested in designing to minimise textile waste, she looked at Zero-Waste and Upcycling strategies and influential practitioners.

Ceylin is very interested in identity and cultural subjects, that's why she's fascinated by the Punk subculture. For her, Punk is a culture of rebellion autonomy, and individuality. Punk was a lifestyle and a way of self-expression of people who were angry about the current political atmosphere. She believes that punk was more than just a musical genre. It influenced art, fashion, and people's lifestyles. It promoted individuality and authenticity. Therefore, for her final collection, Ceylin took inspiration from Punk, combining it with the occultist subculture. She produced a hand-printed, upcycled collection using waste materials in order to repurpose the waste and create wearable art.