I gathered what I loved since I was little, and those happened to be sesame street and poodles and topiaries from Disneyland. I like how things that are artificially shaped into the geometric form when those are actually shapeless by nature. The collection was about geometric-shaped garments made out of her.

Creating garments out of wigs was not easy. It requires a lot of dedication and skills to do it. I was lucky enough to find this lady who owns the wig factory who could help me out after countless attempts. If you think about it for a second, wigs usually sit on people's heads, and heads are not big. I needed at least 70 wigs to make one garment, which I did not expect.

The diamond because it represents the highest value in the smallest form. What creates the illusion, what makes a diamond so supreme and couture is its couture line and pattern. Otherwise, it is just a piece of charcoal. I eliminated everything down to its singular form, only leaving the essence, lines that represent a diamond.

Bizzarness: A disruption of normal and social relations, to rethink the conventional relationship between form and function, art and design. To exclude everything, the ultimate denial of shit. Elimination: Value comes from desire; desire comes from absence. Luxury is elimination-eliminating everything down to its singular form, reducing the idea to its absolute essential.