Charli Senior is a recently graduated sustainable womenswear designer, currently based in Leeds.

Graduating in Summer 2020 from Leeds Arts University where she was studying her BA in Fashion, while specialising in design for the two previous years. Her final year was specifically focussed on sustainability while incorporating elements of Bio-Design.

Charli Senior, is a contemporary womenswear designer, whose practice explores themes of sustainability and innovation in her efforts to reject fast fashion and seasonal trends. Acknowledging the importance of environmentalism and animal welfare within fashion, she works entirely with plant fibres, that are ethically sourced from local UK/EU based suppliers. Focusing specifically on the issues of water pollution, Charli has combatted environmental issues surrounding this. Experimenting with bioplastic to create compostable buttons as a replacement to conventional fastenings; Whilst her interest in bio-design has lead to her exploration into alternatives. Such as the use of bacterial pigment dyeing. Her approach to toned-down styling, oversized silhouettes and understated beauty can be mistaken for minimalism. However, this key focus on craftsmanship and fabric choice are considered decisions, with the purpose of representing her ethos towards responsible design.

Slow fashion is the key design principle which has informed the decisions made throughout this entire collection. Combining this principle with her personal interest in Japanese design and exploration of unconventional femininity, the result is a dialect between the traditional and the contemporary. The use of geometric shapes and innovative pattern cutting within her designs are utilised to create versatile, androgynous silhouettes whilst minimising waste. While her progressive approach to design is ever evolving, her focus on environmentalism will always be the essence of her brand.