Charlie Ann Buxton’s Mood/Colour Board for her collection Under The Mersey Wall. Influenced from her own 35mm film pictures of Liverpool, her drawings of the pigeons and seaguls, hand mixed dyes and colour inspiration from 1960s art such as Victor Moscoso.

Charlie’s process is long with an essence of her work being quality and craft focussed. Her scarves are printed onto second-hand upcycled scarves, stripping the scarves to a blank canvas. The colours are carefully hand mixed using dyes, to ensure the perfect pigment. Each colours is screen-printed with the dyes, then steamed and hand washed.

Charlie takes inspiration for her illustrations from poems about her hometown Merseyside, as well as, often drawing from her photographs as visual references adding a surreal, dreamlike element.

Screen-printing with dyes allows the colour to be vibrant and produces a beautiful finish. This image displays the behind the scenes of Charlie Ann Buxton printing her scarves in Central Saint Martin’s print room.

As Charlie prints on vintage, second-hand scarves, a lot of time is spent sourcing discarded scarves to repurpose through removing the original colour allowing Charlie to print her designs on the scarves, utilising waste materials and creating regenerative design. These images show the beautiful shadow of the scarves former design which is often left behind.