Charlotte Buchal and Iris Röell are a fashion design duo from Artez University of the Arts making clothes for the armageddon bells of the ball

Our concept revolves around the idea of female vanity and evil sisters, originating from the Cinderella fairytale adapted by the Grimm brothers in which we see the stepsisters as confident women who do and dress as they please, being vilified for being unrepentant and ungraspable by men. This is a tendency that was not only historical but contemporarily relevant in the depiction of women in the public eye.

Moral tales of extreme vanity have consistently imposed onto girls the ‘proper’ way of behaving, to become the princess with the happy ending - subservient, subordinate and quiet like Cinderella. But our girls don’t bite their tongues - the likes of the step-sisters, Frozen Charlotte, La Cicciolina, Mina or George Sand, all women who were made to look wicked. All the looks stem from different fairytales and folklore that build the vilification of heterodox women who are considered evil or bad for speaking out, not sticking to the status quo - in short being out of norm of what a woman is considered to act, look and be like. Another inspiration is the fashion of the early aughts. The Paris Hilton era in which fashion was a mash up of different styles, more expressive and fun - women were more hedonic and unapologetically sexy.An ode to the portrayal of feminine evil, the collection is a critical analysis in which the oppressive restrictions of the woman and her image disappear in a contemporary and liberating way.