The collection named BE A MONSTER. In the social problems of children's mental health, children often suffer from school bullying, discrimination and isolation due to their strange characters, behaviors and differences, which have an irreversible impact on children's future and mental health. They have to be brave as a monster to show the world that they are different and its the best way to protect themselves. CHENG willing to encourage people to face up and open to their differences, using them as a weapon to be their best.

The collection draws attention from all aspects of this culture. The highly saturated colours, as the main palette of the collection including bright pink, bright orange and green, are inspired by their ceremonial headdresses. CHENG also pays great attention to the fabric innovation and sustainability: embrodery as the key design feature are skillfully combined cotton cloth with woven fabrics; The embroidery and production are handmade by CHENG, who advocates a sustainable, low-carbon and environmentally friendly production model.

For the collection’s embroidery, CHENG adopts the culture of the Primitive tribe of Africa and translated them into illustrations, creating a unique monster skin made of a tribe mask and costume. The idea of a monster was repeatedly explored, combined and reorganized of various materials, to create something sparkling and aesthetic pleasing. Using bells from the tribal exorcism mask, a singing garment was created.

The jingle of the bell is ringing for the master of the garment, howling at the dark side of the world.