Eponymous Taiwanese designer brand, ChiahungSu. After bespoke tailoring for men’s suit for several years in Taiwan, while developing the natural dyeing techniques from Wu Su Chen in Tainan, Su came to London, recently graduated from MA Fashion Design Technology in London College of Fashion. Craftsmanship became one of his signatures, Su aims to create garments with historical souls and stories. He believes what we have been taken from the nature needs to return back to the nature. “Nothing is permanent, except history and memory” says Su. From the raw materials of the clothing to the manufacturing process and eventually the method of dressing, each step concentrates on natural environment protection by using the ancient production approach. The beauty of imperfection is the embodiment of perfection, and the traces of years are the perfect interpretation of the life process, and behind each piece of garments not only represents the aesthetic style, but also the historical story behind each piece of fabric.

The aesthetic of imperfection combines the cultural connotation of East Asian clothing, overall generated the ambitious brand ChiahungSu to achieve sustainable fashion as brand goal.

CHS - Cultural History Studied (Chiahung Su). The creators started with an investigation into the historical social, political and cultural integration of Taiwan and Japan between the late nineteenth century to the mid twentieth century. A collision of fabrications contrast between Wabi-Sabi, naturally dyed cottons using hayata dyes and recycled vintage kimonos originating from Nara, Japan & Tainan, Taiwan (1950s). Taiwanese aboriginal fabrics are used as linings in fully reversible garments are seductively complimented by buttons fashioned from vintage coins. The intricacies of the details are astounding, from the meticulous fabric selections through to the richly exquisite dye treatments, and a contemporary twist on classic cultural silhouettes, igniting and exciting your senses.