She began her collection with a mind of delivering the happiness of her own to others. She connected her own situation and her wish of her future of how a lady shall be like as she enter the workforce.

At the first stage, she looked at the Mens suit, but she wanted to put it on Women. Chia-Yi wanted women to feel the same power as men have.After multi types of mens suit research, She found Mods suit express the best for herself, for they have a spirt of just enjoy the joy. They no longer wanted to work like their father, or dressed like how fathers dressed for work. This connected to her mood of her fashion. To push her joy further in her work, Chia-Yi looked at the art as I always like to do. The pop art and modern art were my first thoughts when she thought about it. Jeff Koons then popped out to her, she felt the pure joy from his Ballon-Dog. Therefore, Chia-Yi learned and built the same muscling of the ballon on the suit. To build the shape on the suit, she wanted to avoid the hardness on the garment, she wanted to keep the comfort on women, so that they feel free to work.Learned from Comme des Garcons’s wadding skirt, she placed the wadding out side of the jacket and apply another layer on top of the wadding.

At this stage, the investigation of the top layer was needed for holding the wadding.First of all, she looked for a fabric that could hold the wadding well and at the same time looking nice and clean as an outer shell. The stretchy fabric was something she needed. Chia-Yi tried stretchy polyester, scuba, and so on. Finally found this type of stretchy netting fabric was the most ideal for it.
After the jacket, she moved on to the bottom. For the bottom, she wished to have something fun to style for the look, therefore Chia-Yi carried on the ballon shape.Started from the trousers, she set the trousers juxtaposition with the sculpture of Louise Bourgeois, so it has a round touch.

To apply more options for women, she designed a skirt.The skirt followed the silhouette of the Mods trousers. Based on the straight silhouette, the round touch has been remained

And finally, she presented the final line up in a cartoon-like way for showing the feeling of fun, joy and happiness.