After studying BA Fashion with international enhancement, Chloe Lloyd’s final major project was the branding for Coventry University’s 19/20 Fashion cohort known as ‘SHE.’. Inspired by the realisation that the collective is entirely comprised of females. We had decided to celebrate this fact and link this to the branding. Inspired by ‘Rebellion’ which stemmed from a primary visit to Berlin Fashion Week. This became inspiration for SHE., since freedom of expression, being yourself, and rebelling against the status quo and injustice, is what we value. It shows the act of being yourself is important and will link with the theme of transparency, due to the collective being open about their views on their collections and any controversial inspirations. Chloe’s aim for SHE. is to be transparent in similar ways, by understanding the cohorts design process through collaboration. She has produced brand development in the form of online platforms and published pieces, including a Brand-Bible, lookbook and online presence for the SHE. collective.

Using collage, layering and graphics, she experiements with colours to which then Chloe decided it took away the focus of the branding. These show a range of depths and collage styles which gives an illusion of a textural image. This aided the choice of a monotone colour theme and utilise the cohort’s creative outputs as the main focus on colours. Utilising these, Chloe collected cohort profile images which was then scanned them into Photoshop to use as profile pictures to ‘Meet the Designer’.

After finding the brand’s suitable graphics, typography and colour palette, Chloe then decided to produce a Brand Bible for the better understanding of the brand going forward. This was heavily applied to projects which included the cohort and professionals found when branding needed to be applied. An instance would be the lookbook shoot to gain photoshoot inspiration, brand values and creative ideas for styling, hair and make-up. The Brand Bible helped the creation of the SHE. instagram @_she_is_fashion_ bringing the colours and theme into social media coming across as personal and unique in tone.

Here is Chloe’s lookbook package ‘Senses of SHE’ . Inspired by Visionarie Magazine, the aim of ‘Senses of SHE.’, is to be sent out to numerous companies and invite the receiver to indulge their senses and experience the cohort of SHE. in a new light. Hand-picked by each student each sight, smell, sound, touch and taste is unique in every way. Along with some keepsakes, this is for SHE., a perfect fit for advertising. This package is accompanied by a supporting lookbook of Coventry University‘s Fashion 19/20 collective.