An emerging designer who is unashamedly obliterating traditional stereotypes, Chloe Nezianya is trailblazing and re-writing the fashion rule book with her designs which embody Amazonian goddesses and warriors that consequently champion women of all sizes. Her philosophy is to design for the female who is strong, confident, and unapologetically sexy, with the additional concept that women can construct their identities through the vehicle of fashion.

Throughout her designs, Chloe turns her gaze to the larger lady, acknowledging that it is particularly problematic to break from the antiquated and stagnant dressing aesthetics that we have been led to believe is idealistic.

Chloe Nezianya
“I believe that women should not have to compromise comfort over style” explains Chloe, “and in order to do this, designers must take the responsibility to consider how to empower women through dress.”