Chloe Nezianya’s collection was heavily inspired by historical and mythological imagery and representations of Amazonian goddesses. Chloe drew comparisons between the big statuesque women depicted in the imagery to the plus-size women that she aimed to dress. The statues boasted soft drapes and fluid movement, with fabrics loosely hanging over the body. These garments inspired Chloe to find more deliberate ways to use drape in her work.

In an effort to combine luxury with comfort and ease, Chloe found that the properties of powermesh were the most effective to use as both the base of a garment and to use as a drape. The fabric has the most forgiving stretch and ease which gives the person wearing it more confidence in their movement. Using mesh was also the perfect fabric to make considered drapes and ruching inspired by her research.


Chloe’s thorough investigation followed 4 plus-size women of various sizes and how their bodies fitted in her clothing. Plus-size women carry weight in different areas. From a designer’s perspective, it was important to see how her models looked and reacted to her garments in terms of fit and comfort. As the collection developed, many structured or tailored designs were lost as a way to combat uncomfortable and unflattering garments that would not appeal to the majority.
Her debut collection spans from UK size 12- size 28, with more developments and designs added as she receives more feedback and requests from her consumer. The collection also includes 1 piece that fits all sizes. The plus-size woman is considered a marginalized body in the eyes of the luxury sector, Chloe wants to combat this by making garments that plus-size women have tried and tested, rather than using patterns that have been graded up from standard sample size garments.