Chloe Renshaw-Smith collection ‘Modular Protection’ focuses on the inventive and corrugate infrastructures found in recycled packaging and evolved from her own explorations into their manipulation: by contorting, cutting-up and reconstructing, she created her own set of surfaces of assembled plastics. Her colour palette developed from imagery of protected urban spaces, depicting detailed sections of steel railing joints. Chloe hand dyed paper, wool and rayon yarns, as using natural fibres for the majority of her weaving was important.

Chloe has created a conceptual collection for women’s street-wear, layering plastic proposals alongside woven pieces. Her design process was informed by the sectional nature of Samurai Armour and multi-functional garments. She was particularly interested in the stitching details and modular aesthetic of the armour.

Chloe wanted to create playful and bright fabrics which reflected her experimental 3d off-loom constructions. The overall collection investigates varied material properties by interchanging a paper and woollen extra warp; soft and structured sections were intermittently woven for a modular aesthetic.

Alongside the woven dobby fabrics, Chloe digitally designed jacquard artworks to create a new dimension to her collection, allowing her to create larger scale motifs and double cloth designs. Finishing techniques were an important part of her work; laser cutting, chord making, fringing and brushed details transformed her final designs.