Throughout her personal interpretation of old vintage board games and online gaming, Chloe aims to create absurd and psychedelic narratives around our relationship to domestic settings through sculptures and installations. How can we re-consider the space we live in and transform it into a playground? How can a game become into a metaphor of life?

The creative process acts for Chloe as a form of play, which leaves her in equilibrium between excitement and anxiety. Her aim is to convey this feeling to her audience through an effusion of vivid and contrasted colours layered and worked in different ways, that trigger “thrill” and captivate the eyes.However her choices of materials are also often defined by improvisation and instinct. They could be textiles waste but also, plastic scraps, wood pieces, broken ceramic and old toys. Taking inspiration from the early adventure playground in the 60’s, created with found object and recycled waste, Chloe creates out of repurposing. She is not only building a game for her audience, but also one for herself, challenging her own creative thinking.

Naive aesthetic is central part of her project.