Chloe Suen's collection 'The story of the Iron Gate' is a contemporary jewellery collection that explores her family's history in working in the metalwork industry. Exploring the properties of metal and combine into textile print. Using techniques such as rust dyeing, hand embroidery, to celebrate the natural beauty of rust and metal.

Chloe has spent quite a long time perfecting the rust dyeing technique, experimenting with different ways to incorporate intricate pattern into natural pigment. Creating CNC metal stencils as a resist, adding weight to the metal sheet to allow the rusting process to happen, using rust powder to rust detail surface, using metal wire as a structure to hold and scalp jewellery piece. Finding different ways to bond fabric and metal wire together, e.g. Stitching, sewing machine, wrapping knotting, using rusted nails and scrap metal as a natural modern to create iron water as a modern to draw on natural dye pigment.

During the experimental stage, Chloe has explored various ways to incorporate fabric and metal together, by categorising them into four different ways of integrating iron in her work: burning, dyeing, embroidery and painting with metal. Chloe have used natural fabric leftover from previous projects to explore the weights, qualities, and absorbency of natural pigments. As well as looking at how the weight and surface of the material react with shadow's reflects in a dark environment and explores how light and time might impact the materials process of making.