Christina Price’s graduate collection ‘Doomed Youth’ was influenced by the rising demands of young people for the climate crisis to be addressed and their fears of the future. This collection has a glaring black and red colour scheme which originally developed from digital prints in these colours and an anti-fashion aesthetic. Strong textures including denim, grainy recycled fabric and thick knit form mainly linear utility inspired pieces. These are juxtaposed with delicate mesh and satin pieces which are manipulated into mainly elasticated and draped pieces.

Extreme changes in weather inspired a murky grey print which is used on ‘split’ utility vests that contrast the rest of the red and black collection. This was developed by doing ink drawings which is Christina’s preferred medium also for designing her striking model templates and illustrating designs. Collage also assisted her in developing ideas for upcycled denim pieces by collaging images of second hand garments; and also splicing these with puffed shapes she developed which use a zero waste pattern in a hexagonal quilted fabric. This is a reaccuring shape in Christina’s work which inspired her to also quilt another fabric in red with the hexagonal pattern.

As well as developing ideas through sketchbooks, toiling and draping on a stand was also an important way of developing ideas for Christina. Experimenting with elasticated fabric on a stand meant that she was able to develop garments that were zero waste rectangles which draped asymmetrically on the body. This effect then fed into other pieces creating exaggerated zero-waste sleeves. She then contrasted these more feminine shapes by experimenting with metal chains, clasps and buckles.