Curating A Disaster is a collection developed and executed in 2018 in Antwerp, which deals with rejection, self-doubt and trauma. Based on Christoph’s personal experience with education, which was dominated by negativity, the clothes created during this period are attempting to transform personal hardship into a positive outlook on life. This is the second part of a split menswear/womenswear collection.

Starting point for this collection was the rejection letter received from Central Saint Martins that same year followed by an analysis of the clothes, colours and textures that helped coping during that time. Through adjusting empowering features and mixing design elements and volume of the historic ‘Robe Battante’ the outcome are clothes that transform shape and function according to their wearers needs.

Sourcing only recycled fabrics for this collection, the act of embracing something discarded was essential throughout the design process. Each piece has been developed to be worn in various ways, completely depending on the wearers actions and choices. This is due to the mainly lightweight fabrics that have been used and the idea of draping tailored patters only attaching them at essential parts of the garments. The resulting silhouettes are as unique and coincidental as the person it dresses.