Christopher Reid’s work is heavily inspired by the meeting point between their Scottish hometown’s folkloric festivals and their obsession with horror films. These come together to form a tangible world where the lines of history and femininity are blurred to subvert the propriety of tradition. Their process often begins by drawing upon their real life and fictional idols and strangely idyllic backdrop settings to establish the mood of the piece; such as Courtney Love roaming the grey moors of Sleepy Hollow.

This then informs both silhouette and textile choice; often utilising the dichotomy of the heavy historical reference with anachronistic fabrics. Both of these components are highly crucial in allowing the piece to speak with the right tone of voice. In designing silhouette, Reid often looks to both historical research but also that of period cinema to further the idea of duality in the modern and historical viewpoint. The fabrics Reid chooses to work with are all sourced to be as sustainable as possible; often relying on vintage curtains or upholstery fabric to act as the base, with the application of reclaimed or second hand ribbons to act as the trimmings and ties. In working with such limited quantities of fabric this also allows there to be a much stronger and more personal relationship built throughout the making process, as every piece is made bespoke for the individual, with custom pieces ensuring that the craft is passed on as sincerely as possible from designer to customer.