Artist Joan Fontcuberta series 'Herbarium' arranged inanimate objects such as electrical cord, plastic, a shaving brush or a rubber hose into what appear to be exotic plants", thereby creating "pseudo planets".The flower lady - it is a common thing you can see on the street in China. The old lady who makes real flower with metal wire into temporary jewellery for sale. People wear it as brief perfume/accessories. From those points onward, she started to explore in our life how to plant elements are used and how people can see and use the camouflage and transformation from an object to another - Everything is twofold. When one thing ends, it often conceives the beginning of another. All death is a new birth.

She started to combine different types and period of plant together (from born to death) to create a ‘bone’ structure of imaginary plants. Maintain the similarity of plants while giving it functionality for the wearers to keep exploring the possibility. I experiment with 3d wax carving cause I want to create a spontaneously organic shape. The contrast between the darkness of the black paint and pureness of white pearls represent the start and the end.

Brass based with cold black enamel paint and pearls on top. 1. The ring can be double-use (top replaceable) and wear the cap section as an earring. 2. The ear hook has three parts that can be a separate individual pendant. 3. The front flower of the hairband can take out as ear drops.