Ciara looks at her families connection to motorbiking throughout the generations from her Grandfather to her Father. Growing up on and around bikes it was something that always intrigued her. The sense of vulnerability and adrenaline which can be felt whilst on a bike is something she wanted to explore. The intricate biker gear being the only thing keeping you safe. This idea of vulnerability Vs. protection became the key concept behind this collection.

The first step of the process for Ciara was using the motorbike gear itself, the bags, jackets, trousers, boots, helmet etc. and draping them on the stand. Using them as a source for form and a place to discover details she could scale up or down to create unique and interesting bulbous shapes for the collection. The idea of adrenaline involved with motorbiking was expressed through the use of a vibrant colour pallete. Using photography of the city, roadworks and lights to inform this colour palette. Print played a major role in this collection. Using her own photography in Adobe illustrator Ciara created her own repeat print patterns. Trying to express the feeling of movement and energy through them.

Contrast can be seen throughout this collection with the use of materials and techniques such as the use of Donegal Yarn and traditional hand knitting contrasted with modern waterproof fabrics, digital prints and coated materials. The knitting also represented the vulnerable inside with big waterproof jacket forms over the knits as the proctection. Ciara wanted to create a bold and striking collection that was full of colours, prints with over sized unisex silhouettes.