The hybrid defies order, reinvents it. Inhabits the imaginary, but emanates from the real and transforms it. The hybrid is the completely other. In it, the human being projects himself, questions himself and finds the reflection in which he re-articulates his identities. The body is manipulated, the body is equated, the body is fused.

From the beginning of its history, societies, through complex cultural systems, have operated hybridisation, in a mythology that does not admit its denial as exclusively fantastic, whose analysis and appreciation opens the door to the understanding of the universal and the specific imaginary.

Focused on exploring new ways of constructing garments CICLO maintains a contemporary look on certain nostalgic consumptions taking features from other periods which still persist in the present and remitting to their referent and whose confection technology is built on a contemporary sense. "Asked by interests and points in common, we noticed that among the three of us we share the appreciation for elements -clothes and objects- that belonged to people close to us in other times." With this in mind, they began to observe the urban environment that surrounds them and they notice a situation that is repeated in different contexts." People of the third age who wear clothes typical of their time, but combine them with current garments, such as technical jackets and sports shoes, generating a new clothing syntax. We love to observe how each person wears the garments in a particular way. How with each gesture, it becomes its own and gives it a new meaning."

The collection is about a fictional urban character who while circulating during the day acquires and absorbs elements of the environment, including places and objects, creating hydride pieces. "We like creating stories behind each collection, this is a great way to explore other levels of creativity rather than only making a nice garment, this story can also give us the message and what we want to communicate in each collection.” Each garment is carefully design to represent each of this moments by its materials, prints, embroideries and shapes, to have the feelings and senses of the surroundings of this fictional character, the back shrug, the printed ubiquitous plastic storage bag as lining, deconstruction of the classic diamond knitted jumper, the table cloth printed skirt and the dramatic curtain theater of the Telón Coat.