Cinzia is an Italian biodesign researcher with a natural curiosity for interdisciplinary projects. Her journey towards biodesign began during a gap year after graduating in design from Politecnico di Milano. She went to Fiji Islands to contribute to marine biology research diving and studying shark behavior and checking ecosystem conditions. During the MA in Biodesign at Central Saint Martins UAL, she explored the strategic integration of biology, design, and technology in diverse projects. This experience has served her as a testament to the benefits of bridging across disciplines in the search for better futures for todays' problems through design innovation. As biodesigner, she constantly challenges what’s possible, by seeking new strategies and operating comfortably in areas that are unknown.

Her project CyanoFabbrica, aims at harnessing cyanobacteria’s intrinsic ability to biomineralize for the design of novel biofabrication strategies. The choice to make sunglasses frames as output combines her interest in transparency communications and practices innovation, and it’s a growing market where greenwashing is common. CyanoFabbrica aims to initiate new investigations and conversations around how to innovate in the way we make, how to avoid wasteful processes, and where our limits stand in these regards. The fabrication process could be optimized to offset its emissions since the bacteria is kept in constant growth allowing photosynthesis to happen, and the product is designed to be remanufactured: at the end of its life, frames can be destroyed and used as substrate for new productions.