Claudia De Lucia is an Italian fashion designer graduated from Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy, who founded kosmos, an avant-garde fashion brand specialised in the production of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories, whose primary purpose is to break down the fourth wall of society or those walls that over the years society has created. The brand was in fact born from a theatrical vision of society, made up of a stage, actors, backstage and its audience. The entire aesthetic is based on the contrasts between eras, fabrics, colours and volumes, as well as various experiments relating to the destructuring of clothes.

The brand name comes from the greek word "kosmos" which in today's language has taken on the meaning of cosmos understood as space, universal but which originally represented a type of aesthetic very common in different cultures of antiquity, whose maximum expression of beauty was given by the perfect harmony of the elements; with the intent to evoke this canon of beauty, for the brand there are no beautiful or ugly things, but things that dialogue harmoniously with each other and others not: nothing in this world can be individually judged, which is why kosmos invites us to strive to always find or create the context in which any element can express itself.