Clement Rye is a recent Fashion Design graduate who studied for 3 years at Bath Spa University. His love for fashion came about after experimenting throughout his foundation year and finding designers such as Alexander McQueen who often used nature and gothism to inspire his collections.

After growing up in Wales, Clement always had a strong tie to the organic side of creating and found himself drawn to the natural elements. Coming up to the end of his degree he realised his desire to follow personal interests, outside of the fashion industry for inspiration.

‘Coming up to the end of my degree I would realised my desire to follow my personal interests and look outside of the fashion industry for inspiration. My final collection was produced in the abandoned, basement ceramic studios where I was immersed in the surroundings that featured cold concrete and metal kilns. Everyday I was surrounded by walls covered in decades worth of old clay and glaze which had been sprayed up from the rickety turntables. This is where I started to think more about our environment and the influence they have on us’.