Looking into history, Japanese and Indian culture, Cleo finds new ways to create drapes, to play with pattern constructions, proportions and colours. For her first collection “Cibachromes”, the designer was inspired by a few still lifes by the American photographer Sally Mann. 'Cibachromes' refers to the manual photo-printing technique in which colours overlap. Bright, pure and expressive, the key words of the sustainable fashion label Cleo De Laet.

A lot of time and effort goes into selecting the right materials. Cleo uses the help of The Fabric Source, a local sustainable fashion library, to get in contact with the right producers and to control the quality of the fabrics. Each collection, the designer tries to test new, innovative materials like the Banana Silk in her collection Cibachromes. She also works with end-of-roll fabrics from high-quality producers in Italy. This means, only a very limited amount of garments can be made out of these textiles, as they won’t be reproduced.

The development of the collection and the prototypes happens in her studio in Copenhagen. Once the collection is finished, the garments are honest and locally produced in a socio-economic workplace in Copenhagen, where the designer lives and works. This way she manages to keep full control over the quality and finishing of the production.