The FAUX Collection was inspired by one of the most urgent global problems, the human impact on the environment. It is reflecting about the conflict between naturan (animal-derived) and synthetic fabrics, and which of them is more eco-friendly Fabrics, as synthetic leather and fur, win the battle when it comes about animal welfare, but it’s environmental impact has been questioned. The collection is trying to show the relationship between man and environment, about how man contributes to pollution and how it comes back to him through different diseases and genetic mutations. The colorful collection that delight the look, is an irony about the sad reality of an synthetic world.

For this collection, Corina chose to use faux fur instead of real fur and also vinyl, polyester, latex rubber etc. instead of natural leather, to create the atmosphere of an synthetic world. During the process of manipulating fabrics, she was trying to recreate the animal prints by combining them with camouflage pattern and using bright and toxic colors, to get the idea of “antinature” and “anticamouflage” at the end. One of the main fabric manipulation techniques of the collection is the hand-made patchwork of dyed faux fur pieces, that were previeously cut according to an elaborated pattern. As susteinability is a major topic of the FAUX Colection, some clothing item’s elements and accessories where made by Up-Cycling method.

The FAUX Collection is Corina’s way to try to show to people the harmful impact of each of us on our environment, the way we change the nature look through our actions. She was trying to chose a more eco-friendly sollution to create the outfits, but of course she realised that by substituting “nature” with “plastic”, she’s not helping the environment. So this collection is not a solution for this urgent global problem, it is a CALL FOR HELP, an alert for all mankind.