Cui Jiang is currently a womenswear designer based in London. In her works, she often sets out to study social issues, hoping to use the power of fashion to show people her ideas and express the borderlessness of fashion. Until 2020, when Cui finished her BA in Fashion Design at Fashion Institute of Technology New York and ZSTU, she began to study at MA Fashion at Kingston School of Art London. She had always been focused on how to explain that everyone has equal and free options in the fashion industry and brings fashion to everyone.

Cui appealed to everyone to pay more attention to greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. She thinks the contemporary fashion industry should pay close attention to these real stories. In her view, fashion is a major or industry across gender, race, age, and class. It means that everyone has the right to pursue their own fashion. Unfortunately, she realized that only a small proportion of people have equal and free options in the fashion industry. In the future, Cui will be eager to bring fashion to everyone.