The Founders

Founded in 2019 with Theresa Chen and Kimi Wu at the helm, Dainty Dagger provides women the opportunity to own the finest quality jewelry of high caliber without breaking the bank. The goal is to build up our own brand and start a new trend within the industry by changing the concept of how women view fine jewelry and how it could be part of their everyday essentials.

Why 18k solid gold?

We want to provide the highest quality possible. 18 karat equals 75% gold. Higher the gold content is, lower the chances to cause an allergic reaction for people sensitive to nickel. 18 karat, the highest purity of gold that is practical for everyday wear and tear. Jewelry made in 18k gold also appears a more subtle golden hue than 14k gold. The color will stay beautiful as it is through any time, any day, anywhere.

At Dainty Dagger, they deliver the pieces to you straight from the jewelers. Without the middleman, they eliminate unnecessary markups to keep prices as fair as possible.