Dana Nicola is a London based womenswear designer, graduating with a degree in Fashion with Business from the University of Brighton . As a designer she focuses on bespoke womenswear within a dark luxury aesthetic, playing with a typically ‘alternative’ edge and attempting to find her place between ready-to-wear and luxury.

Nicola draws her inspirations from personal experiences, emotions and femininity, often playing on a line of nostalgia and could-have-beens, she realises her conceptual themes through a hands on, tactile approach, using reclaimed leathers and experimental approaches.

Her Graduate collection, Implicit Demand for Truth, is a collection born from nostalgia, a personal exploration of all the things left unsaid, feelings never shared and relationships that never quite were, delving into her own feelings with playful and satirical undertones. Inspired by 1920 lingerie silhouettes and photographers such as Nan Goldin, the collection takes a minimalistic and experimental approach, utilising the idea deconstruction and ‘piecing oneself back together’ using reclaimed and repurposed leathers and subtle hand finishing’s.

Implicit Demand for Truth is only the beginning for Nicola who currently focuses on freelance design and small ‘slow fashion’ collections, with the intent to carry on investigating personal narratives and tackling political issues throughout her design.