Danlin Zhang bases in between New York/ Beijing. She was trained in both garment making and in fine art. By basing the designs on literary works of social commentary, each collection becomes an exploration and a reflection of her view on society, each piece of clothing has its own identity with a unique making process.

‘The Revolution of Everyday Life’ aims to break the oppressive system of technology that serves efficiency in capitalism and create an open relationship between technology and people. It makes a contrast between reality and virtual space while making ‘mistakes’ that are against technological perfection. The collection is developed from this unique outcome by working with real-life experiences from clients. These experiences are then recreated in the virtual world through 3D modelling, rendering, and printing in order to inspire new ways of garment making and craftsmanship.

The topic is close to home, Danlin’s family runs a art school that helps high school students go to college and teaches academic art. The field that people always considered ‘creative’ are being alienated and industrialized which ends up making all the artworks look the same. This phenomenon is also present on the large scale of the art industries such as 3D modelling classes in China. The education in these courses is often tailored for creating in-demand and mainstream aesthetics in the most commercial way possible, making the potential for new creative possibilities much more limited.