Daoyuan Ding’s collection was initiated by the study of the artist Alicja Kwade’s artworks and influencing surrealist artworks. Also based on the philosophy, Object Oriented Ontology, Ding started to see objects by different statuses. For example, a wooden stool can be seen as a tree which would be the raw material of the stool in the future and the wooden pieces which was the work in progress when manufacturing the wooden stool.

By defining different statuses of objects, Ding selected the elements of the coat and suit, the bag an d suit. Through pattern cutting, Ding did various toile experiments by connecting the partial suit and the entire coat together to inform the transformation between each other. Also Ding did the toile experiment to proceed the transformation between the bag and suit.

Ding translated his concept into textile design as well. He re-invented the classical houndstooth pattern by re-creating the jacquard houndstooth woven and knitted fabric. In woven houndstooth fabric, Ding mixed the statuses of the thread and the fabric together, which delivered the contrast between the chaos and the order. In knitted houndstooth fabric, Ding made the houndstooth pattern unfamiliar to recognize by making the houndstooth pattern abstract.