Daria Shkundina is 22 years old born in Moscow, but all her childhood her parents and Daria loved to travel around Europe. Her grandparents worked in art and architecture sphere and so from a very young age they instilled in her an interest in applied arts and crafts. As a result all of her childhood was spent in the studio, where she learned how to paint and sculpture under the strict guidance of her grandmother. They were always doing some artworks or rework of old clothes. Then Daria had a passion to create something of her own, to bring to life all the ideas that she came up with.

She had always been a very open and spontaneous person, so when she decided to come to Italy alone at 16 years for her that was not something daunting. She attended the Polimoda Fashion University in Florence, and that's where the journey began. Learning all the practical skills that are needed. Learning how to combine ideas and bind them together to show herself and all her thoughts and emotions.

Day by day her skills developed and seen a new vision towards the future. As her skills developed she found out that creativity opens the mind and was able to make bigger steps on her way to be a professional. One of those big steps was her collection where she presented herself in a different light. The Graduate Menswear Collection FW21 called “Dashing 90s" . It tells the story of Russia in the early 90s. In this project she was able to combine the history of that time with the things that inspire her. 90s is a period which has changed the lives of many people, made a person stronger, but most importantly, put forward a new meaning of personality. This time showed the disparate interests of people, the desire to always be first, no matter what. Taking the example of the young guys off that time. All strove to earn prestige in society. They were obsessed with the idea of being a "gangster". The industry of young gangsters, or rather the evolution of the human character - she shows it in all of her collection.

Gangster Petersburg Russia, the boys grew up in poor families, but always dreamed of becoming respectable, wearing rich clothes. They stole clothes from their parents wardrobe and everything they could find to recreate the look and make their friends say“ you look like a gangster”. Using different styles and materials, she showed the reconstruction of gangster clothes off that time. Rich wool jackets with an embroidery, heavy chains, Russian scarves and bright colours - that's what would show the richness and the status during that period. The gangster as a lifestyle with all the features and innovations in fashion. All the prints and felting techniques were inspired by traditional Russian patterns . The collection is made of wool fabric, knitwear and silk scarves with ornaments. Wanting to combine different techniques to recreate the more ‘ natural’ feeling of a gangster. Something crafty but combined in one perfect look. Making something new from something old and wanting to bring a new vision to this culture and that time.