The Endurance trenches honestly and candidly captures the year 2020 a remorseful time in everyone’s heart. Darshita was born and brought up in Mumbai, India a city that never sleeps, where rush hour is the only hour. Where anyone who gets dressed under five minutes is called fashionable. Where fashion was called what her elder siblings wore. Where fashion was created by repeating itself from her grandma’s closet.

By the time she turned 18 she lived through Indian heritage and traveled virtually to extravagant fashion shows. She is known to not only be academically smart but also has a keen eye for design. It manifests with her credentials. Along with that, Miss. Vakharia also gets along with her fellow colleagues and classmates extremely well. She believes in teamwork and is highly motivated to achieve her set goals. She works hard and there is no doubt in her mind that she will excel in whatever path she will take. Her observant nature has been consistent in her work but to create a strong foundation she perused. Her career in fashion designing.

She believes you can wear who you are. A simpler way to connect people. Istituto Marangoni is exposing her with every opportunity before she steps out into the outside world. To showcase her work reminiscing her childhood, memories, circumstances, and human hood.

She had been even selected for the Istituto Marangoni fashion show 2020 in Mumbai. Her work has been published in various newspapers by the institute as well as various social media platforms. She generally get inspired by something that more by the people and for the people. From glittery masks to social distancing. The pandemic has inspired A new kind of fashion. Silhouette is inspired by anxiety, horror, and a pop of color. Meaning despite all the circumstances due to the current situation whether it be depression, anxiety mental health issue there is still a ray of hope. People have not yet forgotten to enjoy life in little things. A concept that straddles today’s reality and addresses adaptability.

The designer wants to send out a message of hope reminding people that even after the Influenza flu good times followed. Humans have the survival instinct and can live through another pandemic As we say its all curated by YOU, ALL FOR YOU.