With a passion for surrealism and editorial looks, David James Bell is a menswear designer based in England.

During the time when he was pursuing his BA in Fashion Design Menswear at Northumbria University, David had always been focused on challenging masculine ideals, menswear silhouettes and detailed formalwear.

David’s graduate collection is a deconstruction of the relationship between masculinity and power. Examining how the construction of fragile masculinity effects those in power. Power is defined by ‘the capacity or ability to directly influence the behaviour of others or the course of events’ Power is protected by a facade of characteristics associated with masculinity whilst denying the characteristics associated with femininity. As gender norms are being blurred and the concept of ‘toxic masculinity’ is being questioned. A new market for fluidity is opening, this collection creates a new fluid silhouette that is neither deemed fully masculine or feminine. Exploring the influence of masculinity on the ‘Alpha Male’ and researching how the minority of ‘Alpha males’ control the majority. Delving into the consequences of this dynamic and how this effects different cultures from politics to human rights. The collection investigating the suppression of women, LQBTQ and differing minorities due to the threat they pose on those in power.