”OUT OF SENSES“is a collection for Dazzle Zexian LIU to express the imperfect beauty of life. There are so many meaningless combinations in our daily life, there is no order, no theory between, but they are natural, they weren’t born that way, they also change naturally over time. And she thinks this is the beauty of life.

Dazzle Zexian LIU takes some ordinary items or common appearance which from broken old items, to combine with some basic style or functional garments such as historical corsets or worker uniforms to create the new outline for this series. She developed her fabric with screen printing, because i want to present a glorious and warm memory by this handicraft. I used random printing way such as hand-painted with different temperatures to present the natural effect,to show the traces of Time and Random Beauty of Nature Formation. The traces left by gold stamping show the beauty of the passage of time. Foam offset printing condenses the power of time.

Her series seems disorderly, but it creates a quiet and romantic atmosphere. As if time had stopped, everything seemed to be making a similar sound and shining. She wants to tell you that the passage of time is beautiful, and the traces of destruction are also beautiful. The seemingly similar objects have their own unique soul. Everything in the world shows unique beauty because of time. We should cherish the present and love life when we coexist with them.