Dazzle Zexian LIU was born in Guangdong Province, China, and graduated from Beijing Institute of Fashion Design, and then went to Fashion Department of Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, to study and complete a BA. She loves life and is keen to transform what she sees and feels in daily life into her own design inspiration, and to convey the beauty of life skilfully through clothing. Her works are always full of fantasy and vague gender elements, blurring the boundaries of gender while showing the charm of clothing.

She expressed the imperfect beauty of life through her graduate collection. She takes ordinary items or common appearance from broken old items to combine with some basic style or functional garments such as historical corsets or worker uniforms to create the new outline for this series.

Zexian developed her fabric with screen printing to present a glorious and warm memory by this handicraft. She used random printing methods such as hand-painting with different temperatures to present the natural effect to show the traces of time and the random beauty of nature formation. The traces left by gold stamping show the beauty of the passage of time. Foam offset printing condenses the power of time.