Deborah Odubanjo’s collection is the bringing together with two rich cultures, clashed with the rebellious lifestyle in acid house culture and the rich African silhouettes. The concept focuses on the ‘careless clashes’ of garments and prints that are often misplaced together by Nigerians in the 80’s when they first arrive to the UK and the rebellious characteristic of acid house culture. Clashing crazy British floral prints with acid like scribble prints that are carelessly placed with traditional tailoring fabrics.

The concept was picked part, drawing elements from each particular lifestyle and aesthetic that enabled me to take risks. The collection is injected with colour and rebellious prints being paired together in a non- conventional way. The scribble acid print being carelessly clashed with traditional suiting fabric creating a confident bold presence, that contrasts the norm. Lastly the odd juxtaposition of mixing strong 80’s silhouettes with softer more draped techniques stemmed from the way traditional Nigerian garments are wrapped around the body.

The collection is Inspired by strong bold silhouettes from traditional Nigerian garments and British tailoring that are interpreted through the way fabric is held and pulled in African culture.