Steve Jin's capsule collection titled ‘Between Solidity and Fluidity’ is a work of self-reflection. In order to discover the persona behind the pieces, one needs only to look at the pieces themselves. Steve likes to describe himself as a clean person. He likes to be tidy and organised yet he revels in small explosions of intricate details, a fine juxtaposition of structure and chaos. By adding an effeminate touch such as flower embroidery acting as decorative accents on a palette of periwinkle blues and blush pink, the collection alluded to the 70s era; and the whole of it, a coming together of the ‘free-spirit’ and the ‘neat freak’.

Taking a look at his cleaning supplies, Steve compiled a list of commonly used colours. Derived from a palette of antibacterial liquids and cleaning agents, he assembled together a sanitized base to tinker with. Manipulating draping techniques, Steve created long line coats that created a slender silhouette yet were full bodied at the same time. Taking classic patterns such as the S Coat, Steve adapted it for the modern man. By combining draping and tailoring techniques, his pieces followed clean and sharp lines reminiscent of classic suiting yet with the ability to render a free flow of movement.

No detail fell by the wayside; each denim panel was meticulously cut and each flower that graced the collection was embroidered painstakingly by hand. Fabric was swapped out time and time again to find the perfect material to imbue his draping technique. Seam lines were changed and shapes were reworked. Just like his penchant for detail, each piece of his collection had to be immaculate.