Di Xin is pursuing her MA in Jewellery and Metal at the Royal College of Art. She always explores the relationship between people and jewellery, as well as between subject and object. She names her collections type as atmosphere jewellery and tries to convey her concept by incorporating her experience into jewellery. By enabling the wearers and the audience to resonate in the current environment, people could immerse themselves in the jewellery world she created.

The inspiration for 'The Process of overcoming fear' came from Di Xin’s own experience of drowning, after that she became afraid of water. Through creating this set of jewellery, she relived the experience of drowning, gradually overcame her inner fear, and discovered how to look the fear in a different way.

This series of conceptual and narrative jewellery adopting glasswork and metalwork probes into the physical state of a drowning person through recreating the drowning process, and aims to show drowning is not entirely about struggling in fear and helplessness, but more about getting used to fear and overcoming it. ‘The process of overcoming fear’ is a courageous transformation of negative emotions into beautiful and dreamy feelings. This process is a mysterious, sacred, and romantic experience.