Inspired by visual elements found in historical LGBTQ movements especially the gender symbols, Chen build the first limb of her work on a creative review of the proud history of queer right fights.A re-compositional approach was taken to turn the original symbols into 3-D objects that then formed a humourous reflection of beard and/or mustache.

The contradiction between the symbols and the symbolic meanings of facial hair become the essential concept of this part of the design.

After a review of the historical aspect, a free imagination of the future was then reflected in the second limb of the project.  Informed by philosophers like Rosi Braidotti and Donna Haraway, Dian utilises Cyborg and Cyber-punk elements in pop culture to construct this super surreal series.

With a flexible adoption of industrial manufactured materials, the pieces in this project is completely constructed by interchangeable parts, by which, Dian intends to construct a context in which the wearer can not only wear but can also participate and experience a fluid relationship between body, objects, and identity.