At the start of each project, lots of thematically primary and secondary researches and experiments were done before final prototyping. She has built her own artistic archive for inspiration, then these treasures wiere nicely selected to support her concept. She believes the continuous process can build up critical and curatorial thinking.


For this collection, shadow acts like a lurking friend, a hidden ego, or an invisible persona. All five designs were made and produced based on well-being and cheerful elements, she hopes customers will be able to communicate with the visible shadows and step out of the safety zones.

In order to build up a straight connection with light, she combined different types of luminous materials like light-sensitive beads, light-activated pigment, and thermochromic paints along with Crystal beads, 99% fineness Silver Leaf. Normally luminescent materials, the ‘activator’ is Sun light, UV light or heat.

The chosen colour tone is blue to purple, to form a peaceful and magical atmosphere. Designs were focused on ways to convey warmhearted messages like ‘Show yourself’, ‘Sooner or later’, ‘Surprise’, ‘Face yourself’ and ‘Plz smile’. These cheerful messages were inspired by notice boards, lyrics, and decorations on walls. Music always supports Dijun in designing due to the rhythms and background stories.

Inspired by this, she made a sample with string(soft ruler) & pill tablet. This can be worn as necklace, belt and bracelet.