Dikshita Bansal is a multidisciplinary designer originally from India, currently based in London. Passionate about Inclusive, Human-centered design, she envisions her practice as a way to give back to the community, help promote better well-being. She uses textiles as a medium to evoke questions and empathic emotions, intending to spread awareness and solve problems. Collaborative design methods are the core of her practice.

She recently worked in collaboration with an NGO (catering to the needs of individuals with devlopmental disabilities) based in India. Her project - Interact is a neurotypical designer's journey to understand the sensory responses and preferences of someone who is neurodiverse. It is the result of Re-interaction between the designer and the user~Individuals on the autism spectrum. This project questions how inclusive and mindful designers are when designing, and whether design for disability has to look like it!!!

Investigating how textiles and soft objects can become a language to provide calm and at the same time invite sensory engagement that is positively stimulating, interact aims to solve issues like sleep disorder and harmful self-stimulatory behaviour.

“Autism is a spectrum, not one size fits all. Through my collection I want to emphasise on the need for customisation and tailored fit solutions when designing for disability. Sensory needs of almost every individual with Autism is varied then how can something that is made for the masses fit particular needs?”