Dina Fusi is a British/Italian embroidery designer specialising in heritage craft techniques. During her time at London College of Fashion, Dina honed these skills and developed her designer identity.

Her latest collection A Plastic Abyss is a continuation of her pre-collection, ‘Disco in Atlantis’ which is inspired by the playful, subversive nature of water and the distorted appearance of interactions within it. A Plastic Abyss explores how a Disco in Atlantis could look today, highlighting the way that micro plastics, over fishing and oil spills have ravaged the marine environment.

Through a fusion of traditional and cutting-edge techniques such as tambour beading and laser cutting, she illustrates how intricate craft embroidery techniques can be used to create fabrics which push the boundaries of craft processes with fabrics having been crafted solely with thread and beads.

A dedication to craft and exquisite finesse is at the centre of her ethos. It is this commitment which has allowed her collection to come to fruition and express an insightful reflection on how textiles can be used to communicate gravely destructive issues in a beautiful light.