Domenica Chicaiza's graduate collection "See, hear and be silent. Patriarchy patterns" was influenced by female empowerment, where sexuality, eroticism and especially romantic love play an important role in each stage of the collection's development. I firmly believe that the role of women begins to have relevance now more

Most of the silhouettes are wrapped in corsets, stylizing the female bust and providing greater sensuality to the waist, often with cuts on the sides and wrapping the waist with fine feathers in different colors, which inadvertently transfer us to the mythical ones. Dita Von Teese outfits. Asymmetrical but forceful lines that do not take long to be present through an independent and individual sexuality, that only an empowered and free woman can possess.

The color palette is present through striking tones such as greens, fuchsias, oranges and purples, sometimes also posed with polka dot prints. Colors that aim to instill majesty to the figure, in drapes, scarves or skirts in contrast to warm tones such as orange or fuchsia. For posterity, neutral colors such as the classic black and white were left, which aims to show versions of cleaner and sportier lines.

This is the line from Domenica's final collection. This collection came to life during the pandemic but developed several months later. Behind this work, lighter and more vaporous fabrics such as chiffon or tulle stand out, representing an equal balance between individual romantic love and conjugal romantic love, which arises at a certain stage of life. Through asymmetric corsets and latex fabrics, Domenica poses a kind of barrier to all those decisions that she is forced to make out of obligation and duty.

Fabrics such as tulle, silk or satin represent freer ideas, decisions made poorly or well, but personal and courageous decisions in the face of a patriarchal society that does nothing more than impose subordination and a constant “see, hear and shut up to which we have to obey.